SUMMER 2016/2017 MEN 1

          Summer Credits 

  • 350cr Naked Photo Sets
  • 400cr Guys Contacts
  • 350cr Reservations 

#Frank^19 CF 7D CT 1.82M 83kg 33" L Uncut
Naked Shoots only
#Jason^ 19 CF 7D CT 1.79m 71kg 32" L Uncut
Naked Shoots, Jerking Off, Sexting, Entertainer,
Barebut Butler& Body Model. 
#Sebastian^ 29 CF CT 7D 1.81m 74kg 30" Uncut
Naked Shoots ONLY
#Jody^18 PE FH 1.81m 34" W+ 78kg XL Cut
Naked Model , Dates , Naked Shoots & videos contact us for availability 

#Jasper^19 FH CT 1.77m 7D 69kg XL Uncut 
​Naked Model only , Photo shoots & photo sets avail
#Stephan^22 CF CT 1.86m 86kg 32" L Uncut 
Naked Massages,Barman,Handyman,Cook,Clean,
Jerking, Naked Shoots, Intercity, Dating & Sexting
#Ethan^20 FH XL Uncut 7D CT 1.7m 75kg 34"
Massages,Shoots, photo sets contact us to check availability 
#Brandon^19 L Cut CT 1.72m 81kg 32" 7D
Naked Shoots,Massages,Muscle Worship, Updated name Kevin in Spring 2018

#Matt Black^ 23 CT 7D 1.75M 72kg 32" L CUT
Naked Massages, Personal Training,Muscle W
Naked Shoots,HM,Chef,BDSM & Intercity
#Francous^ 20 Durban W+  1.8m 72kg 32"  L Uncut
Naked shoots only
#Mathius^ 23 1.78m 70kg 34" Durban L Uncut 
Naked Shoots only
#Jack^21 FH DBN/PMB 7D 1.75m 32" Lcut
Naked services,massages,shoots & more 
#McKenzie^19 DBN 7D XL Uncut
Contact us/ Naked Shoots/Services
#Mark^20 DBN FH 7D XL UC 1.85m 75kg 30"
Contact us , Naked Shoots, Sexting, Mutual Massages, Light BDSM
#Lance^ 20 FH 7D PMB/DBN 1.8m 70kg 32"XL
​#Noah^19 PTA/JHB 7D 1.92m 34" 98kg Uncut
Naked Barman, shoots,Entertainer,Body Paint
#RED^20 DBN W+ 1.82m 76kg 32" Uncut 
Model only, photo shoots/photo sets  
#Hunter Bi 18 TOP JHB 7D L Cut 1.8m 70k
Offers Anything & Everything 
#Quayza^ 18 7D DBN 1.77m 73kg 32" Uncut
Naked Model, Shoots&photo sets
#Page Boy 18 Gay JHB/PTA 1,76m 71k 30"UC
#GEE^ 20 FH JHB/PTA 7D 1.85m 80kg 32" UC
HH,Naked Massages,Cook,Dates,Shoots&PVT
#Shef BI FH 7D PE XL Cut 1.67m 57kg
Escort Offers anything & Everything 
#50c 24  FH 7D CT 1.76m 32" 77kg XL Cut
Offers anything & Everything 
#Dmitri  29 PTA/JHB W+ 1.78m 32" UC 
Gay shoots
#Beer^24 WW MC FH PTA/JHB 1.82m Uncut
Model only or photo shoot/photo sets
#Harry Gay 18 WW PTA/JHB L Uncut 
Free Contact offers anything & everything 
#Big Mo^ 19 7D 1.83 90kg XL Cut
Naked Photo Set or Photo Shoots only 
#Trent^ 22 FH PTA/JHB 7D 1.78m 78kg Xl UC
Model only , photo shoots or photo sets avail
#The Actuary^19 7D FH PTA/JHB 1.85m 79kg 
Offers anything & everything on the site 
#Nick^21 7D PTA/JHB 1.84m 94kg 34" Uncut
Naked Shoots,Body Paint&Model
#Michael^21 7D FH PTA/JHB 1.7m 67kg L Uncut
​HH,Sensual Massages,Privates,MW,PT,Sexting
#Dre^ 19 7D XL Uncut PTA/JHB 1.84m 73kg 32"
Naked Shoots & photo sets 
#Dan^22 WW PTA/JHB Uncut 1.75 100kg
Nude Muscle Play,PTrainer&Massages&shoots
#Logan^ 19 W+ PTA/JHB 1.85m XL Uncut 
Naked Shoots & Photo sets 
#Beastly^20 JHB/PTA 7D XLUncut Naked shoots & photo sets 
#Sexy Jay^25 FH JHB/PTA 7D Naked Massages,Stripper,BJ,W&W &Privates
#Josh Gay 23 PTA/JHB 7D Anything & Everything 
​Booking free gay guys?  (gay flag pic)
Email us on nsa5men@gmail.com
to request for free all gay listed men

Rynz^18PTA FH 7D Shoots only
Gaz^25 FH 7D PTA Hunk Hire,Entertainer & Shoots 

#Victor^19 1.8m 70kg WD Uncut Naked Shoots
#Derick^18 Durban 1.86m  7D MODEL ONLY & Shoots
           Summer Keys 

  • CF Cock Fun
  • BJ Blowjobs
  • MW Muscle Worship
  • HH Hunk Hire
  • JO Jerk Off
  • FH Adult Services
  • MC Monster Cock 22cm+
  • XL Extra Large Cock 19cm+
  • UC Uncut
  • WW Wet&Wild Showers
  • HM Naked Handy Man
  • BM Naked Bar man
  • PT Personal trainer

#Dwayne^20 PTA 1.76m 75kg 30" 7D XL Uncut 
Massages,HH,PT,Muscle Play,BM,HM,Shoots,Sext
#Letcher^20 JHB/PTA FH 7D XL Uncut 89kg 1.96
Naked Shoots & Photo sets 
#Riaan^19 W+ CT XL  Uncut 1.92m 96kg 34"     Naked shoots & sets
#Damien^21 CT MODEL ONLY
#Thomas^24 CT FH HH,BJ,WW,Massages,MW,RP